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Taylor Swift Retires

Tay-tay has been spayed and is officially retired. We have loved having her in the kennel, and she is ready to grace the couch of some lucky human. Although she has never had a litter of puppies with us, she has been working hard as a playmate and snuggle buddy, and she is ready for retired life.

We are giving her lots of treats and snuggles as she is recovering from her surgery, and so far she has been feeling great. She should be fully healed very soon.

I think she might have the most nicknames of all the dogs. Here are some of our favorites


Taylor Swift


Tay Swizzle

Tay Schwift

Tay Swizzy


Knowing her, she is probably going to collect more cute nicknames with her new owner.

I hope her new owner knows that we loved Tay for her easy-going personality. She got along well with anyone and always played gently with the toddlers. She is not very vocal, but her facial expressions are loud enough. I hope her new owner loves her like we do, and gives her an extra treat just because she is a sweet sister.


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