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Sweet and Happy Dogs

Why Pop Culture? We found ourselves naming our dogs after our favorite characters from books, movies and shows. We felt like our kennel was full of pop culture references, so why not call it like it is?

What We Do

Behavior is the number one reason dogs end up in shelters. What if every dog was intentionally born to be the best possible pet and never ended up in a shelter? We use the tools available to us: health testing, behavior wellness planning, maternal monitoring, and more to make sure everyone that takes home one of our puppies has the healthiest possible puppy with a temperament that fits a modern lifestyle. 

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Who We Are

We are a young blended family with four children. We met and married in Southern California, but decided to raise our children in a small town with a strong community. Working with dogs has been a huge upgrade, and we will take picking up dog poop over a SoCal commute any day. 

What We Raise

We started with our Dachshunds and added Lhasa Apsos. We were given a couple of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and a couple of Soft Coated Wheatons and found out we love both of those breeds so we got more. Cocker Spaniels are similar to Cavaliers so we decided to add those as well as a couple of tiny poodle boys. It is so hard when you have the space and time to limit yourself to just one of man's best friends. 

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