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More Dog Show Training

The Harrisonville dog show is coming up in a few weeks, and I have at least a couple of boys I plan to show.

Spartacus the Lhasa Apso and Pickle Rick the Wheaten are my top picks for this show. I might also bring Tuxedo Mask the Wheaten, but only if he behaves himself in training. I don't need an incident of him trying to make friends with 100 different people and dogs instead of behaving at the dog show. I could see him trying to drag me out of the show ring to say hello to an audience member. Hopefully, he makes some big strides in training, and I can bring him without worrying about his friendliness overpowering his ability to listen to commands like "sit" or "come."

I think Pickle Rick should do well since his brother Thor won a title already at the Ava dog show. Spartacus is just barely old enough to earn all his points, but he is so good-looking.

There was some information about a junior handler event, and I might bring my daughter Penelope to compete. She is only three, but she has practiced showing her puppy, Pumpkin Spice, on a bathroom stool before. I think she will enjoy being in the ring instead of watching me from the sidelines. Maybe three is too young to start? I'll ask her opinion on the matter.


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