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Poop Patrol

Waste disposal is a lot of the daily work you do when you run a breeding program. Keeping your environment clean and smelling great is something that is important for the health of your breeding program, but not many people talk about it because it is the monotonous and boring side of breeding dogs.

Poop patrol may not be sexy or cute, but it is something that will set you apart if you devote the energy to keeping everything as spotless as possible. When you design your facility, choose building materials, pick a layout, etc. waste management is an important factor to consider. How long will it take you to pick up after the maximum amount of dogs you would have? How easy would it be on your body to do your cleaning routine every day? Are you planning to keep raising dogs after you retire? How will your mobility affect your cleaning routine? Is there an investment you can make to reduce the time, physical toll or frequency of cleaning without compromising quality? In general, think about how your daily routine would be affected by your waste management choices.

Everyone wants to have puppies until they realize it means picking up poop every. single. day. No vacation. No day off. No exceptions.

How do breeders get away for educational seminars? Secondary Caretakers. That is for another blog post.


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