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Alexander The Great Retired

Alex just had his third birthday at the end of last month, but he has been retired out of our breeding program since last Fall. He has fully recovered from his neuter surgery and passed all of his socialization and training benchmarks to be picked up by A Dog's Dream rehoming program.

He is such a good boy, and very handsome. His smokey coat and regal attitude is going to make him very popular. I have no doubt he is going into his forever home very shortly after they list him as available to adopt.

We are going to miss him. He was my pick to bring with me to a far away dog show because he is so well behaved. I didn't want anyone that would stay at the very end of their leash because I was big pregnant at the time. He was very well behaved the whole time, and earned his prominence ribbons even with my husbands creative non-standard grooming.

I hope whoever comes to adopt him knows that he has always been a very good boy. I hope they give him all the pets and treats. I hope they live local and board him at All Dog's Dream for doggy daycare so I can see him every once in a while and love on him. I hope he lives a long happy life as a constant companion to someone that loves him like we do.


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